Light of the World Ballet, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, is a full-time professional ballet company which performs locally, state-wide, and tours nationally and internationally (China, India, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Peru, Burma, Israel.)

LWB has seen first-hand how the art of dance moves through communication barriers and can convey a message of hope, encouragement, uniqueness, and acceptance through colorful, lively productions. LWB presents performances, workshops, and cultural exchanges. LWB has been invited in the following locations for performances, workshops, and cultural exchanges. We have been asked to return in virtually every instance.

Syracuse City School District-
1. Dr. King Elementary School (Joseph P. Schramm Grant) 2016
2. Ed Smith Elementary (Joseph P. Schramm Grant) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
3. Elmcrest (Joseph P. Schramm Grant) 2017
4. Hughes Magnet Elementary (Joseph P. Schramm Grant) 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
5. Huntington Elementary (Joseph P. Schramm Grant) 2012, (CNY Arts Grant) 2017
6. HW Smith Elementary (Joseph p. Schramm) 2015, 2016, 2017
7. Mckinley Brighton Elementary (Say Yes Program) 2011, 2012
8. Nottingham High School (Joseph P. Schramm Grant) 2015
9. West Side Learning Center (Partners in Learning) 2009 to 2013

Mexico, NY School District-
1. Palermo Elementary School 2013
2. New Haven Elementary School 2013
3. Mexico Elementary School 2013

Internationally Exclusive Guest performances and teacher workshops-
1. Northwest University of Nationals- Lan Zhou, China 2009
2. Gansu Arts & Drama School-Lanzhou, China 2009
3. Lan Zhou University Technical Institute- China 2009
4. Lan Zhou Bridge of Hope Cultural Exchange PTE LTD/15th China, Lan Zhou
Investment Capital Trade Fair Cultural Exchange 2009
5. Hu Nong School- Mang Shi, China 2007
6. James School- Chennai, India 2010
7. Anitha Normal School- Chennai, India 2010
8. Balavihar School- Chennai, India 2010
9. KIDS Learning Centre- Chennai, India 2008, 2010
10. Spastics Society Special Needs School- Chennai, India 2010
11. Ebbas School- Chennai, India 2008
12. Ewart School- Chennai, India 2008
13. Momahan School- Chennai, India 2008
14. Ban School- Chennai, India 2008
15. Lemery High School- Batangas, Philippines 2009
16. Taal High School- Batangas, Philippines 2009

Presentation Goals

LWB gives students attractive, stirring presentations on why good character is necessary for a successful living. As a result of our presentations, students will come away with the following:

  1. a better understanding and desire for good values
  2. inspiration to discover new ways to use their gifts and talents
  3. a basic understanding of dance movement through dance workshop (s)
  4. to always give their best no matter what

The following are our programs which consist of components that teach the parallel disciplines of dance technique and character development.

1. The Dance Performance component exposes students to professional level performances while introducing them to the art of classical ballet. The stories performed are shaped to provide another dimension of instruction to help students learn to make responsible decisions.

2. The Dance Workshop component teaches students using professionally trained dancers and teachers. Students learn dance, power moves in a fun, safe, and disciplined atmosphere. Our purpose is to expose students to dance related movement and rhythms as way of expressing emotions and releasing their imaginations.

Story Ballet

Story Performance options:

You Are Special
You Are Special, especially for younger children, is a ballet based on the story by Max Lucado. This story shows that though you may have been ‘labeled’, the label should not define who you are. It also reinforces the fact that one should not label others. This ballet addresses issues of bullying and self esteem. Some schools purchase the book for the students & the school library prior to our presentation.
Narrated ballet/Approx. 30 min

Ana’s Battle
This story addresses issues of self-esteem and identity. Ana’s Battle has been received well by all school ages. It exemplifies how important it is to identify which thoughts are true and to know who you are in order to win the battle of negative influences. Students will also see the negative affect their words have on others. This ballet addresses issues of bullying and self esteem.
Narrated ballet/Approx. 35 min

Follow the North Star
This ballet is a biographical sketch of Harriet Tubman while also being an excellent historical account of the Underground Railroad. The ballet begins with Tubman’s own journey to freedom and ends with her leading a group on the Underground Railroad to freedom. The ballet also conveys the message that once we find freedom we can be like Harriet Tubman and go back to help others enter freedom. Using descriptive music, narration, characters, and costumes students will be drawn into an open history book.
Narrated ballet/Approx. 35 min