Follow the North Star

This ballet is a biographical sketch of Harriet Tubman while also being an excellent historical account of the Underground Railroad. The ballet begins with Tubman’s own journey to freedom and ends with her leading a group on the Underground Railroad to freedom. The ballet also conveys the message that once we find freedom we can be like Harriet Tubman and go back to help others enter freedom. Using descriptive music, narration, characters, and costumes audiences will be drawn into an open history book.
Narrated ballet/Approx. 35 min

Ana’s Battle

Ana’s Battle is a story about a Great Warrior who left for a very long journey. He had left his daughter, Ana, with three gifts to prepare her for a battle against the destructive Whispers. It was of utmost importance that she know how to conquer these Whispers, or else she would become what they said, for the whispers did not want her to know who she was. This ballet exposes the lies we believe about ourselves and exemplifies how we need to remember the truth of who we really are, and wield our sword to conquer these lies.
Narrated ballet/Approx. 35 min.

Living Hope

Living Hope, about a young woman who comes to know Jesus Christ during China’s Cultural Revolution, shows the reality of how Christ’s power saves, transforms and empowers a life in spite of extreme suffering and persecution for the sake of the Gospel. This ballet is an educational experience, showing the beauty of China’s culture and people while encouraging audiences to persevere through challenging times.
Narrated ballet/Approx 40 min.

The Crown

This story is inspired by the book of Proverbs. It exemplifies the choice between wisdom and foolishness. This story ballet shows what one must do to receive the crown of life, and the great joy that accompanies living for the King of Kings. The Crown is a wonderful, evangelistic story ballet for all ages. This ballet can be translated into other languages.
Narrated ballet/Approx 32 min.

Christmas Celebration

A collection of traditional and contemporary Christmas songs celebrating the joy that Jesus, the true reason for the season, has brought to the world.
Approx 25 min

You Are Special

A children’s ballet based on Max Lucado’s book, You Are Special. This story shows that though you may have been ‘labeled’, the label should not define you. The important thing is to believe what God says about you; not what the world says. This ballet has been performed all over the world and interpreted into 6 languages. It breaks through language barriers and shows how special and unique each person is to God.
Narrated Ballet/Approx 30 min.